I'm not sure if this is something that I want to write, but I honestly feel that it's something that should be written.

I wholeheartedly love Sci-fi, I live and breath Sci-fi! I see as many Sci-fi films and TV sows that I can, and read maybe a hundred books a year (predominantly... you got it, Sci-fi).

As deep as my love for the genre is, I feel that I can not in all good conscience go to see the film "Ender's Game", which is released later this year, knowing that doing so will be lining the pockets of Orson Scott Card. I find his outspoken (and in my own opinion, BACKWARD) views on homosexuality and gay marriage to be utterly abhorrent, and much as I would love to, I don't think I can leave my feeling for him at the door as I enter the movie theater. And so, I have made my own mind up to avoid this film, at the theater, on DVD or Blu-Ray, Sountrack and future TV broadcasts.

Having said that... I am very concerned, that if others do likewise, it will be an utter waste of a lot of time, effort and above all talent on the cast and crew's behalf.

Oscar winning Director Gavin Hood (Foreign languae Film "Tsotsi" in 2006)

Oscar Nominee Harrison Ford (Best Actor "Witness" 1985)

Oscar winner Ben Kingsley (Gahndi 1982)

Oscar Nominee Abigail Breslin (Best Actress in a Supporting Role "Little Miss Sunshie" 2006)


Oscar Nominee Hailee Steinfeld ( Best Actress in a Supporting Rol "True Grit" 2010)

Oscar Nominee Viola Davis ( Best Actress in a Supporting Rol "Doubt" 2008)

Oscar winner James Horner (Best score "Titanic" 1997)

Oscar Winner Zach Staenberg (Best Editing "The Matrix" 1999)

I would love the world to take a stand, and say "NO" to"Ender's Game" (or more accurately, say No to OSC), but will it ever happen? Could it ever happen? Is there prescident for this sort of boycott?


I've read articles in the past, where artist Chris Sprouse withdrew his artwork from OSC's DC venture "Adventures of Superman",


Although his withdrawal seemed to be more to do with the negative publicity surrounding OSC's reputation and opinions as opposed to him actually disagreeing with OSC's stance on the topic.


Another article, depicting fan disappointment with OSC's appointment by DC, and possible plans to boycott the Superman comic and others in the DC range.


Is there space for views like his (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/04/ors…) in modern society? Personally, I feel that there is no space for bigotry like this in a society that (on the whole, as far as my experiences are concerned), approves and accepts homosexuality.


Should this be something that we stand up for? Or should we be standing up for OSC's First Amendment right to free speech? Is there a point at which free speech goes too far?

I'd love to hear how other people feel on this matter.